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At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, the person of Jesus Christ is at the heart of what we teach and how we teach it. His example inspires us to ensure that our teaching is reflective of modern society and generates a search for meaning. Our curriculum provides stimulating teaching and learning programs which will equip our students to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

We aim to develop in our students, independence by providing opportunities for inquiry learning, problem solving and decision making to help them make meaning of their own lives. Our Educational programs are mandated by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Our Religion curriculum is provided by Sydney Catholic Schools.


 Staff at Sacred Heart engage in ongoing professional learning experiences to support the implementation of this 21st century curriculum, committed to the creation of excellent programs using the Key Learning Areas of Religion, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Physical Education, Personal Development and Health and the Creative Arts.


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Art at Sacred Heart 

Our students enjoy an Art class once a week. We provide comprehensive art lessons, including drawing classes, painting and a variety art for learners of all stages. Using the finest quality equipment and materials, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School undertakes an effective syllabus and teaching methods for all of our students, from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Coding at Sacred Heart 

Coding at Sacred Heart is taught in either Term 2 or 3 and is run by Scope IT, an outside provider. All classes from Kinder through to Year 6 learn to code and progressively improve their IT skills through learning to create websites, create apps and integrate their IT skills with their school based Science skills.

dance fever
dance fever
Dance Fever at Sacred Heart 

The Dance Fever team consist of qualified teachers and instructors, who are committed to providing students with essential learning experiences that develop knowledge, understanding and skills in physical activity and social etiquette. 

Their curriculum compliant programs support schools and students each year to stay healthy, happy and active.

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Music at Sacred Heart 

The music component of the NESA Creative Arts syllabus is taught by a specialist music teacher. All classes receive a lesson each week.

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physical education
physical education

The school bases its program on the NESA PDHPE syllabus. This program encourages fitness and the development of skills. Each class is taught by a specialist PE teacher.

  • Children are to wear their sports uniform to school on their class designated sports day, which will be advised by your teacher.



The incursions we have organised in the past, complimented the introduction of the new NSW Science and Technology syllabus, especially with the renewed focus on Digital Technology.

Annual Science Week
Our annual Science week is a highly anticipated event, by both students and staff.
Science Week 2020 - The Deep Ocean

Our school has certainly gone for a deep dive into the ocean this Science week. A trip to the library and Year 3 shows the extent of the work that all teachers and children have gone to, to learn about the depths of the ocean. The children have been happily sharing their learning about the ocean and in particular the effect of pollutants and rubbish in the ocean. Thank you to Mosman Council’s environmental team who visited. Thank you to Dr Alana Wylie from Eye Heart Science who updated us on the Deep Ocean scientific facts in grade groups. Thank you Mrs Petersen and all our teachers for making it such an exciting week.

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