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Volunteering at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Sacred Heart values the input and time given by the many volunteers who help create safe and productive learning environments for our students. Persons seeking to volunteer in any capacity eg. excursions, reading groups, athletics or swimming carnivals in a SCS school MUST complete this SCS induction each year and obtain a Working With Children Check (WWCC) from the Roads and Maritime Services. This is a compulsory requirement. Please visit this website for more info:

If you wish to become a volunteer  you must complete the Volunteers Working With Children Accreditation Process (WWC Accreditation Process), which involves being inducted in child protection, reading and understanding the obligations and procedures under the relevant child protection legislation and SCS policies, as well as providing your Working With Children Check (WWCC) clearance number for verification by SCS. Please click on the following link to complete this process. As a volunteer it is free of charge.

Please see this link for further information regarding Volunteering at Sacred Heart together with reading the Sydney Catholic Schools Volunteer Resource Kit.

First time volunteers should follow this process. It is expected that all volunteers (including parents, family members) will support this process if they wish to be approved to volunteer in an SCS school.

If you have any further questions, please contact the school office.

Parent Induction
Our school also requires every parent or guardian who intends on helping or volunteering with children at the school or at excursions to complete a “Parent Induction” session at the start of every new year.

Outreach Programs supported by Sacred Heart Parents

Central to the religious life of the school is the person of Jesus Christ who came among us ‘as one who serves’ (Luke 22.27). Our Catholic school is committed to reaching out to help those in need, through charitable outreach initiatives. All outreach activities connect to the person of Jesus Christ and to the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. Drawing on the Catholic Social Teaching of the Church, we have a deep commitment to supporting a range of charitable organisations, families and individuals in need.


Outreach programs within the school and wider community are a valued part of what we do. There is a strong emphasis on outreach and social justice at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.

We support:

Cana Farm Community
Cana creates transitional employment opportunities for people who have experienced significant personal challenges in their lives, and require a gentle pathway to employment.  The school support Cana annually via the Cana Mother’s Day stall, Cana Father’s Day stall, Cana vegetable boxes and Cana produce stalls at our annual Spring Fair.

Click here to find out more.

St Vincent de Paul programs
Sacred Heart parents and student volunteers can contribute to:

  • Soup Kitchen – making soup at Vinnie’s head office for night patrol

  • Home Baking – families have the opportunity to bake at home and send goods into school for night patrol delivery (delivered monthly)

  • Regular Vinnies collections in school foyer for night patrol (delivered monthly)

  • Local Vinnie’s winter and Christmas Hampers – products are collected by the families at the school and gifted to people in need in our local community

  • Vinnie’s Christmas toy voucher appeal – students are involved in a toy/voucher drive which is gifted to children living in a Vinnies Women’s refuge

  • Vinnie’s Behind the Scenes – parents are invited to a day of outreach at Vinnies.  They help with cooking, cleaning, packing of products, which get taken out to night patrol and given to the homeless.


Gift of Bread
Every week, Sacred Heart Mosman families and parishioners pack bread donated by our local bakeries.  These products are sent out to charities in the local area.

Angels Meals
Sacred Heart families donate meals which are shared with members in the community going through difficult times.

Click here to find out more.

Volunteering on school grounds

If you are visiting our school, you will need to sign in. The iPad for signing in, is in the school office.

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