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Sacred Heart Mosman Sports Club

We are fortunate to have a parent run Sports Club at the School. Please see their website for more information.

The Club is a registered, incorporated association under the NSW Association Incorporation Act and files an annual statement with the Department of Fair Trading. We have a Charter that includes a Code of Fair Play. Our emphasis is on participation and enjoyment for first and foremost the students of Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. Wherever possible, our teams are not graded, though sometimes to provide a fairer competition, we may have to do so for the older children. Every effort is made to place younger children with friends and classmates.


Football and Netball registrations are carried out during the first two weeks of Term One. Basketball registrations are conducted in Term 3 and 4. All registrations are online and you will be notified when registration opens through the Compass Heartbeat Newsletter.

Fees and Uniforms

Fees for Netball, Basketball and Football range per competition (and include all association fees, player insurance, trophies and administration). Playing uniforms are available for purchase via the QKR app.


The Club is run entirely by volunteer parents and coordinators. We cannot function without the support of parents volunteering to coach, manage teams and assisting wherever they can. Parental support is essential to ensure the ongoing future of the club. Please contact the school office to find out about how to become a Volunteer.

Which sports does Sacred Heart offer?

To find out more about the sports currently available to students, please click here.

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