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Relationship management
Relationship Management

Learning social skills and being able to regulate their emotions are two very important skills that children learn throughout their life and these are needed in the relationship management and building of friendships. Having good social skills is essential to a child's wellbeing.

The students at Sacred Heart are given support to learn social skills if they are having difficulty. This is done through the way classrooms are structured, the PAWS expectations are taught and the support the children are given on the playground, through our Wellbeing Co-ordinator Mr De Villiers and our Behaviour Management policies.

Friendology 101

Friendology 101 at Sacred Heart has commenced! Sacred Heart has joined the community of URStrong schools that aims to promote and enhance the quality of friendships they will have at school and throughout their lives. We encourage all parents to be a part of this journey! Each week until the remainder of the term, updates on friendology will be popped into the newsletter.

Parent access and resources coming soon!

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