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Premier's reading challenge
Premiers' Reading Challenge

The Challenge encourages children and students from Kinder to Year 9 to read a set number of books over the year and record their efforts online. Since the Challenge first began in 2005, more than 3 million students have read nearly 50 million books. 


Why should my child participate?

The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more and to read more widely. The Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) is open to all NSW students in Kindergarten to Year 9, in government, independent, Catholic and home schools. 


If you need help using the website and the answer cannot be found on the PRC Support site, please contact us at 

How does my child participate?

The school distributes your child's unique log in password for the PRC. Please keep it safe, as you will need this each year. If you already have log in details from a previous year, it will remain the same. The Challenge usually opens in March and ends in August.

In order to participate, you will need to log in to: and enter codes or titles of books read. Booklists and codes are available on the aforementioned website.

Log in with username and password:

example username: cecilia.jago (use lowercase and do not use ' or - in name)

example password: apple1

Please help your child with recording books that they have read at home or at school. If you have any difficulties with passwords, please email us or your child can see us in the library. 

Which awards do children receive?

Each year the children receive an award for completing the challenge. In the fourth year of competing, the student receives a Gold certificate, the seventh year, the student receives a Platinum certificate


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