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Masses and liturgies
School Masses/Liturgies

During the year, we celebrate whole school Masses and Liturgies. Individual class Masses will be organised throughout the year. The school liaises with the Parish to organise Year Group Masses at the 9am Sunday Parish Mass. For all of our Masses and celebrations, parents are encouraged to come along. (To find out more about Sacred Heart Weekend Masses, please click here)

A new initiative offered to our community is 7:45am Friday weekly community Mass. This runs for 30 minutes. This is an exciting opportunity to build our own community mass where we can gather and celebrate the Eucharist together as a community.

Masses and Liturgies 
We use Compass to keep you updated with the times and dates.
Term 1
  • Opening School Mass

  • Welcome Mass (New families)

  • Catholic Schools Week Liturgy

  • Ash Wednesday Mass (Yr 3 - Yr 6)

  • Ash Wednesday Liturgy (K - Yr 2)

  • St Patrick’s Day Prayer at Assembly

  • Confirmation Commitment Masses

  • Lenten Reconciliation 1 - Yr 4 to Yr 6

  • Holy Week Liturgy: Palm Sunday 

  • Holy Week Liturgy: Washing The Feet 

  • Holy Week Liturgy: The Last Supper 

  • Holy Week Liturgy: The Garden and Arrest 

  • Holy Week Liturgy: The Trial & Crucifixion 

  • Holy Week Liturgy: At The Tomb 

  • Holy Week Liturgy: He Is Risen 

Term 2

  • Confirmation Creed Mass

  • Confirmation Reconciliation

  • Confirmation Masses

  • Kindergarten Family Mass

  • First Communion enrolment period

  • Sacred Heart Feast Day Mass

Term 3

  • 100 Days of Kindy Liturgy

  • Grandparents and Special Friends Mass

  • First Communion Commitment Masses

  • Year 4 Family Mass

  • St Mary of the Cross Feast Day Mass 

  • Feast of the Assumption Mass

  • Year 1 Family Mass 

Term 4

  • First Reconciliation Family Night 

  • Year 3 Blessing of the Animals Mass

  • ​​All Saints Day Whole School Mass

  • Year 5 Family Mass

  • NAIDOC Week

  • Kindergarten End of Year Class Liturgy

  • Year 1 End of Year Class Liturgy

  • Year 2 End of Year Class Liturgy

  • Year 3 End of Year Class Liturgy

  • Year 4 End of Year Class Liturgy

  • Year 5 End of Year Class Liturgy

  • ​Remembrance Day Liturgy

  • Advent Liturgy - Year 2 and 5

  • Advent Liturgy Year 1 and 4

  • Advent Liturgy Kinder and Year 3

  • ​Christmas Carols

  • Graduation Mass Year 6

  • End of Year Mass​

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