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What should I pack for my child?
We recommend packing all of your child's food into one lunch bag. Please clearly label their water bottle, lunch bag and all containers and lids.
  1. Water Bottle: Please pack a water bottle that your child is able to open and close by themselves.

  2. Munch and Crunch: The children have fruit break early in the morning (eg. Strawberries, apple, banana, carrot sticks, etc)

  3. First Lunch (10:40 - 10:50 am): The children have a small snack mid morning for First Lunch (eg. Crackers, cheese, raisins, etc)

  4. Second Lunch (1:20 - 1:30 pm): The children eat their lunch for Second Lunch (eg. Sandwich)

Nut Free

We have several children in our school who are severely allergic to various varieties of nuts and certain foods.

Their allergies are life threatening, so we ask all parents to refrain from sending their children to school with the following foods:

  • nuts

  • peanut butter sandwiches or dippers

  • nutella sandwiches or dippers 

  • muesli bars with nuts or nut-based products in them

  • cakes or chocolate bars with whole or partial nuts in or on them

  • satay flavoured noodles, meat or other products

  • chocolate coated nuts

  • chocolate bars coated in or containing nuts (eg. Snickers or Picnics)


Please advise your child not to swap or trade their food with others. Many sunscreens and lip balms contain certain nut oils which can also be harmful to anaphylactic children.

Can my child buy food at school?

Click here to find out more about pre-ordering food from the Vanilla Blue canteen using the Flexischools app.

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