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fathers & mothers day breakfast
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Mothers and Fathers Day Gifts from Cana

We support the Cana Community by offering Mothers / Fathers Day gifts to purchase from the Cana farm. You are able to pre-purchase through the QKR app and the gifts will be given to the children at school. They are $10 each and are all made at the Cana farm where homeless people are supported to rebuild their lives.

Mothers Day breakfast and Mass and Fathers Day Breakfast 

We will keep you updated on Compass with the date and time.

Breakfast may be purchased via QKR in advance.


Mothers or Fathers Day morning 


  •  Breakfast is served to our guests and their children in the playground (see the  QKR app to pre-purchase breakfast)

  •  There is often a Band Performance or a choir performance

  •  Open Classrooms

  •  Assembly (children move to church for mass or have a liturgy on the playground with their teachers)


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