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environmental stewardship
What is Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School doing for the environment?

Our school believes in the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

An example of how this has been implemented in the past, was when the year 1 students decided to take action for the environment with a Bin it! movement to help the environment. Year 1 were inspired to take action after watching a persuasive Ted Talk on the damage straws do to the environment. They thought they should start close to home and set out to keep a tally of the rubbish thrown on the ground during lunch time. Rubbish that could end up in our oceans.

Meanwhile in science, Year 2 were studying the importance of water and our oceans. They were also collecting rubbish in the playground to save the oceans.


Both year groups teamed up, so a full understanding of the size of the problem could be established.

Below are some photos of the children in action, their tallies, comic strips representing the poor fish and the persuasive texts written in the hope of asking Sacred Heart to take action.

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