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entering + Exiting
 school grounds
Which entrances can I use to enter the school during school hours (8:40 - 2:55 pm)?

During school hours parents should enter via the main entrance on Cardinal St, press the buzzer and upon entry, proceed to the office where parents can sign in. Due to Covid restrictions parents are unable to come on the site during school hours except with permission from the principal.

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Which entrances can I use to enter/exit the school for afternoon pick-up?

The back car gate is currently used for pickup as this allows social distancing. 

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Can I use the other gates?

The other smaller gates located on Cardinal Street and behind the school on Bardwell Street are emergency exits. These are locked and only opened by staff when neccesary.

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How do I exit the school, when the gates are closed?

The main and the side Cardinal Street gates are sometimes closed, but they are unlocked for drop off and pick up. When exiting the school grounds, please use the main Cardinal Street gate except when carline is in progress.

All gates have an emergency green "Break Glass" exit button - these are NOT to be used to open the gates. These are only to be used in an emergency and are alarmed.

What do I do if I am entering school grounds as a visitor?

Please see the instructions for signing in at the school office below:

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