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When does afternoon carline start?
  • Kinder & Year 1 from 3.00 to 3.05pm

  • Years 2 & 3 from 3.05 to 3.10pm

  • Years 4, 5 & 6 from 3.10 to 3.20pm

  • Where parents have children across the grades, older children will wait with younger siblings and be picked up with them 

How does Sacred Heart's carline work? (Afternoon)

1) Enter Cardinal St from Prince St (map below) at the time designated to your child's year, as listed above.

2) Stay in your car, you may not park in the carline and leave your car. 

3) Ensure you have your surname clearly visible on the Sun Visor

4) Be aware and respectful of residents exiting their own driveways and make space in the carline for them.

5) When you have reached the front of the queue, stay in your car - staff will put the children's bags into the car. They will open the back left passenger door (on the curb side) and assist your child with their bags and seat belt. If you like, you can open your front passenger window (curb side) to let teachers pass school bags in. Do not get out of the car.  Children should do their own seatbelts up. 

6) To exit carline, turn left on Military Rd. Do not do a U-Turn in Cardinal Street.

7)  In order to make Carline as safe and as quick as possible it should only be used by families/carers where the children can independently get into the car, put their own seatbelt on and they should be able to get out of the car by themselves in the morning.

8)  Parents and children should not get out of the car, use the street side door for children or let children put bags in or out of the boot.   If children are not independent enough to do this, it would be better to use other methods to pick them up as it would be safer for them. 

9)  Cars may not overtake each other.  Please be patient, obey the rules and consider our residents. 

10)  Please see the fines and limitations of our Carline area.  Please note it is not a waiting area and any car that remains longer than 2 minutes in this zone may occur the following fines:














Carline map.jpg
Morning Drop-off 
1)  Enter Cardinal Street from Prince Street.
2)  Stay in your car, you may not park in the carline and leave your car.
3)  Allow the children to exit the car with their schoolbag independently on the curbside.  Ensure that the schoolbag is in the car with the children so that they do not need to get the schoolbag out of the boot. 

4)  To exit the carline, turn left on Military Road.  Do not do a U-Turn in Cardinal Street.

Bardwell Gate

The gate will be open from 3pm - 3.10pm for parents who are picking up students on foot.   Students cannot leave by themselves.  Teachers cannot give students to parents in cars. 

Parents must park and walk into pick up.

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