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Bring Your Own Designated Device

In Year 3, our students begin the BYODD program. The BYODD program at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School has been in place for several years and has greatly changed teaching and learning at the school. The designated device for Years 3–6 at Sacred Heart is an Apple iPad. To prepare families and students for the program, a number of constantly updated resources have been shared on our Sacred Heart BYODD Portal

​Cyber Safety

We have a strong focus on Cyber Safety at Sacred Heart. It is important that students know how to safely navigate the internet, as well as how best to safely participate and contribute to online conversations.

All students are required to complete an ICT agreement each year in discussion with their parents.

The staff believe it is crucial that students have the awareness and capabilities required to operate effectively in a digital environment. They are taught to contribute online in safe and appropriate ways.

The following link to the eSafety Commissioner provide many resources for families in helping to support their children in their use of the internet:

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