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Our Anti-Bullying Policy

Unfortunately, bullying behaviours can occur at any time, at any school. At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, bullying behaviour is not tolerated or accepted. Bullying, which goes unchecked, can have a negative impact on teaching and learning for students. We have a duty of care to all members of the school community, to take action against bullying.

Research shows, that for intervention to be effective, it must be consistent across the whole school. Research and practice also indicate that intervention must be both preventative as well as reactive.

To read our Anti-Bullying Policy, please click here.

PEER Support

PEER Support lessons are very important to our students and staff at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. In 2019 the focus was to reinforce our anti bullying message, linking our new PDHPE syllabus on interpersonal skills and aligning them both to our new PAWS behaviour expectations.

Cyber Bullying

Our school holds events and webinars on cyber safety and cyber bullying. Please keep an eye out on Compass for our next events. Our most recent recommended webinars were held by parentline. To read more please visit: 

Please also see for more information, for parents and caregivers.

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