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What is "Angels"?

“Angels” have been present in our school and parish communities for many years. "Angels" are a group of school and parish volunteers. These volunteers cook a homemade meal (family or individual portions) as per the roster and once a term a roster is emailed to all volunteers. The meals are then distributed to those in our greater school and parish communities who may be in need.

Who do "Angels" help?

The circumstance of “the need” varies considerably - illness, redundancies, family crisis etc – however these circumstances are ALWAYS held in the strictest of confidence to ensure the family’s privacy.


How do "Angels" help?
A meal is a very simple, yet heartfelt way to help others. We rely on you, the “Angels”, to supply the meals and to inform the Principal via the office should you know of someone in need. This is the “grapevine” working at its best.


Become an "Angel":
The “Angels” network will only continue with your support. If you would like to volunteer as an “Angel” in this small yet vital part of our community life, please add your name to the “Angels” by emailing Vanessa: 

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