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Sydney Catholic Schools’ Amadeus Music Education Program is one of the biggest, most comprehensive and ambitious investments in quality music education ever undertaken in Sydney’s schools.



This game changing program is being rolled out to 33,000 students across Sydney Catholic Schools’ network of 150 primary and secondary schools.

The Amadeus program provides students in Year 3 to 8 with classroom music lessons, ensemble lessons and small group tuition and will be led by 80 school classroom music teachers and 270 specialist music tutors. These music tutors will bring professional experience from orchestras and ensembles around Australia and the world.

The system wide initiative draws on decades of research that shows learning an instrument and playing in a musical ensemble strengthens neural pathways in the brain and can:

·         significantly improve student academic success in areas including language and mathematical development

·         significantly improve student engagement, short- and long-term memory, attention, self-discipline and coordination

·         improve mindfulness and promote wellbeing in students

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