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before & after school care
SCECS Before & After school care

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School offers before school care (from 7am) & after school care (until 6pm) in the school hall. The program is run by a contracting party SCECS (Sydney Catholic Early Childhood Services) and fees vary depending on whether your family is eligible for a rebate. Please check fees with our supplier directly and your eligibility for a rebate with the Family Assistance Office.

Casual and Permanent Places

You can enrol for casual and permanent places. We recommend that you contact SCECS well in advance before you need this service and follow their instructions to set up an account. If you have not enrolled your child with SCECS, they are unable to attend. 

Vacation Care

You can register for vacation care too. SCECS offers a vacation program during the school holidays.

Where can I find more information on SCECS?

Please click here to read the SCECS Handbook and visit the SCECS website.

Where can I register?

The link to the services page on SCECS website:

Ensure that you use a PC, not a phone, for the registration.

My child is anaphylactic or has a food allergy:

Please inform SCECS of your child's allergies. 

SCECS operate separately to the school office and do not share medication, so if your child requires an EpiPen or asthma medication for example, SCECS will require current medication, in addition to the one that the school office keeps, together with a current copy of individual action plans (signed by a doctor).

All medications must be current and must carry a medically dispensed label with your child's name and correct dosage clearly marked on it. 

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