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accidents at school

School Records

School records are kept on each child. To assist us in keeping these records up to date, please do this through the Compass App. Parents are asked to keep this information current at all times, especially the emergency contacts.

Parents can change phone numbers and email addresses in the Compass app. Other changes will need to be advised to the school office via email:

Minor Accidents

Minor accidents are treated at school usually with ice packs, water, band aids and/or medi-wipes.



Should your child present to sick bay, if they are feeling unwell, vomiting or have been involved in an accident that may require them to go home, we will contact you.

Serious Accidents

In the rare event a child requires urgent medical attention we will call an ambulance and contact parents as soon as possible. If parents are not able to get to school in time a member of the leadership team will travel with the student to hospital and wait until their parents arrive. 


Emergency Contacts

The school needs up to date information to contact you, especially in an emergency. We require your current home address and contact numbers and emergency contact numbers and names if we are unable to contact you. Parents cannot be emergency contacts for children and your child must have an emergency contact recorded by us. Please inform us via email if any of these contact details change during the year:

Temporary change of circumstances

In the event that both parents are away at the same time and are uncontactable, the office should be informed of the dates you are away and of the carer's name and contact details:

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