Sacred Heart seeks to give each Year 6 student the opportunity to shine and demonstrate a range of leadership qualities in the service of our community. Inspired by the Gospel message, "Ye shall know them by their fruits." (Matt 7:16), we believe that leadership is primarily about positive behaviours that are demonstrated and not about the wearing of a badge denoting a position that a person holds. Each Year 6 student is a member of a key Leadership Team that is mentored by a Sacred Heart teacher. 
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The development of student leadership skills involves opportunities which encourage students to:

act in roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty

• foster a sense of vision and purpose

• work with others to determine and achieve collective goals

• take on responsibilities and use decision-making skills in order to carry a project through to a successful conclusion

• be active, reflective listeners who respond effectively

• earn the respect of others through their actions.
The following leadership roles are operating in 2018:  
  • School Captains
  • House Colour Captains
  • Religious Education Team
  • Hospitality Team
  • Civic Duties Team
  • ICT/Publicity Team
  • Health and Wellbeing Team
  • Creative Arts Team
  • Sports Team
  • SRC Exec Team
You can find out more about the roles of each of these teams by clicking here.