"Literacy is the foundation for all learning. It includes the cultural knowledge that enables a speaker, reader, writer or viewer to recognise and use language appropriate to different social situations." (CEO Sydney, K-12 Literacy Position Paper)

The staff at Sacred Heart School believe in providing a wide range of learning opportunities for our students to assist in their development of literacy skills. These skills include the ability to listen, communicate both orally and through the written word, read for meaning and the effective use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

This pathway to literacy is developmental and individual for each child. Teachers seek to extend and challenge those students who have demonstrated advanced ability in literacy and support those that need assistance to achieve their own literacy goals. Differentiated literacy programs, a variety of resources and encouragement from teachers and support staff help in creating a learning environment in which students thrive.

Students progress is continually monitored and analysed through a range of assessment resources and teacher observation. Students and school data is used to create new and innovative learning opportunities that will both challenge and support our students.

Sacred Heart provides additional support for those students with specific learning needs in Literacy through its Special Needs Program, employment of Learning Support Officers and the Reading Recovery Program for identified Year One students.

Students at Sacred Heart are motivated to develop ongoing skills and a life-long passion for literacy. This is achieved through:

  • A daily two hour literacy block.
  • Instructional, individual and shared reading.
  • Viewing and writing of a range of written texts.
  • Explicit teaching in the understanding and use of grammar, punctuation,spelling and sentence structure.
  • Interaction with a range of eLearning technologies including iPads and MacBooks.

All subject areas at Sacred Heart are viewed as opportunities to develop sound literacy skills and the creation of contemporary teaching and learning programs ensures that all elements of the new Australian Curriculum are developed.



We are working towards a consistent understanding of what it means to be an effective teacher in mathematics, based on the CEO Learning Framework and current research in mathematics education.

We aim to regularly share effective mathematics pedagogy at our school by seeing maths in action in every classroom from K-6. We are providing opportunities for our teachers to reflect together on each other’s lessons and develop our pedagogy further.

We are exploring the most effective strategies for improving individual student learning so that teachers can differentiate their programs to cater for student needs and abilities.

Staff are involved in a program of professional development so that they keep up-to-date with current philosophies of learning.