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I have been blogging at the Sacred Heart since I arrived here in 2008, bristling with enthusiasm for the challenges ahead and with not quite as much grey in my ageing locks. My postings and musings (some would say ramblings!) serve as a kind of 'day to day' history or online time capsule of school life here over these years. Students featuring in some of my early posts are now studying at university. Sacred Heart is a very dynamic learning environment, an energising and vibrant community, and I hope that the pages of this blog capture something of the essence of this place which will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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Week 1 Term 4

16 October, 2016

It was great to return to Sacred Heart this week and children and staff returned with great enthusiasm for the new term. On Friday I presented medals to some of our enthusiastic rope jumpers who were proud to pose 'Olympic style' with their medals!

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Term 3 Wrap-Up

Mid Term 3 Wrap-Up!

Sacred Heart Staff Welcome Incoming Principal-Elect, Mrs Julie Caldwell

Thumbs up for our new 'Oval'

Week 4 Wrap-up