Sacred Heart Mosman Sports Club 

The Sacred Heart Mosman Sports Club is a non-profit organisation which aims to foster positive attitudes, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-esteem and a sense of community.  Most of all, the Club aims to provide fun activities for the children. 

The Sacred Heart Mosman Sports Club offers the following activities:
Soccer (Football)

There are currently over 300 Sacred Heart children participating in one or more of these codes.  


Our Committee meets once every term and is made up of volunteer parents who are passionate about sport and believe in the benefits that participation brings to the School community. The Committee is responsible for setting policy and governance standards and ensuring that the Sports Club operates in an open and transparent manner.

2017 Executive Committee

President       Chris Chard

2015 Club Representatives

Basketball      Annie Zukerman and Emma Delany
Netball           Tracy Tanner
Chess             Bridget Cargill
Football         Catherine Garcia
Band:             Michel O’Sullivan

Club Documents
Sports Club Charter
Sports Club Model Rules
Child Protection Policy
WWC Checklist

Please click here for minutes

Term 2 Meeting held on 17 June 2015

The Sports Club is on track to make a surplus of approximately $3.5K in 2015.

The Sports Club has agreed to pay $1,125 to fund the Year 6 surf school at the end of the year

The Sports Club is looking into replacing the Drum kit for Band at an approximate cost of $1.5K

The Sports Club discussed the grading issue at length. Where the depth of competition allows, the Club will grade each team. If the depth of the competition is limited, or player numbers are an issue, then the sports club will mix some or all of the team.