The P&F aim to foster a cooperative and supportive community made up of the school families, the principal, the parish, the teachers and the students.  We do this by:

  • Creating events where parents and friends of our school can come together to have fun.
  • Fundraising for our school.  Money raised currently goes towards playground improvements and school resources requested by our Principal, Vince Campbell.
  • Being a conduit for passing on the views of school parents to the School and providing information about our school community and our childrens’ education.

The objects of the P&F association

  1. To promote and foster a  harmonious and collaborative spirit in the Sacred Heart community and with the broader community.

  2. To confer with the Principal of the school in all aspects of the children’s development and well being.

  3. To promote the interests of the School and to foster and support community interest in the school.

  4. To provide a means of meeting for persons associated with the School.

  5. To give public expression at meetings, to matters raised by parents and guardians affecting the development and well being of the children.

  6. To raise funds for the provision of material support for the school and to assist in the provision of that material support in consultation with the Principal of the School.

  7. The Association shall not exercise and authority, nor be seen to be exercising any authority, over the teaching staff of the School, nor shall it presume to interfere in any way with the control or management of the School, other than through direct liaison with or recommendation to the Principal.

  8. Solely for the purpose of carrying out aforesaid objects, the Association shall have power to-

  • Invest moneys of the Association upon such securities and for such trusts or otherwise as the Association may from time to time determine.
  • Do all such lawful acts, matters and things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of the objects of the Association. 


Who are the 2016 P&F Executive and Committee

President:  Kevin Davis.

Treasurer: Stephen Marthiensen.

Vice President: Michaela Browning.

Secretary: Steve Watson.

Committee Members: Chris Janes, Inger Christensen, Miriam Stiel, Mona Chidiac, Marco McCarthy, Annette Robin.

Honorary Members: Vince Campbell (school principal) and Pauline Dinale (assistant principal).

Head Class Mums (Honorary Members): Cassie Scougall, Linda Del Nin, Belinda Chard.

Letter of Welcome 2016.

Click on this link to receive the 2016 welcome letter from Sacred Heart Parents and Friends Association President, Mr Kevin Davis. 

P&F meeting dates for 2016

The P&F has four Parent Evenings each year (one in each term) and parents are warmly invited to attend. Dates and times of Parent Evenings in terms 1 - 4 will be notified in the school newsletter. They are listed both in the Welcome letter above and on the Key Events table below. If you have an item you’d like to put on the agenda or a topic you would like to have explored or explained, you can:

  • drop a note into the P&F mailbox in the school office;
  • contact the Secretary or a member of the P&F Executive (see above).

Enquiries from parents interested in becoming a Committee Member are also welcome. 



Event & Location



P&F Liaison


Term 1 P&F Annual General Meeting & Parent Information – School Hall

Weds 17th Feb, 7.00pm

P&F Exec


Kev D



Icebreakers – “The Mosman Rowers” at Mosman Bay.

Fri 26th Feb, (7pm)

P&F Exec

Mark M & Chris J


Term 1 Working Bee 

Sun 20th Mar 10.00 am

P&F Exec

Mona C


Mothers' Day Celebration

Fri 6th May

Yr 5

Chris M


Term 2 P&F General Meeting & Parent Information – School Hall

Tues 10th May (7pm)

P&F Exec


Kev D



Kids Disco in School Hall

Sat 21st May (afternoon/evening)


Steve W


Term 2 Working Bee  

Sun 12th June 10.00 am

P&F Exec

Mona C


Dinner Dance (Major Fund Raiser) – venue tba

July/Aug (date tba)

Yr 2

Michaela B


Fathers Day Breakfast – School ground


Year 3


Inger C



Term 3 P&F General Meeting & Parent Information – School Hall


Tues 13th Sep


P&F Exec


Kev D



Term 3 Working Bee 

Sun 18th Sep

P&F Exec

Mona C


Teachers Day 

Fri 14th Oct

P&F Exec

Chris J


Spring Fair

Sat 12th Nov

Yrs 1 & 4

Miriam S


Term 4 Working BeeP&F Annual General Meeting & Parent Information – School Hall

Sun 20th Nov

P&F Exec

Mona CPresident

Kev D 


Click on this link to view the latest spreadsheet of 2016 activities on a calendar

Class Sizes Forum

On Wednesday March 27th 2013 the P&F Association hosted a Class Sizes Forum in the school hall.  Dr Michael Bezzina, Director of Curriculum at the Sydney Catholic Education Office, and Dr Kate O'Brien, Assistant Director of Curriculum, made a presentation to assembly.  Click here to see the presentation. A brief report of the meeting was reported in the HeartBeat editorial of April 3rd. 

Positive Education Presentation

On Tuesday September 16th 2014 the P&F Association hosted Dr Steve Zolezzi, Head of Positive Education at Knox Grammar. Steve gave a very engaging presentation on the theme of using a 'strengths-based approach to parenting' that was very well received by a large (80) attendance of parents and staff. Click here to access Steve's presentation.

P&F meeting minutes

The Parents and Friends Association, previous years Annual General Meeting (AGM) and General Meeting (GM) minutes can be found by clicking here.

P&F - Tax Invoices & Reimbursement Requests

P&F has very strong internal controls in place when spending funds raised by parents.  It requires at least two P&F Executive Committee members to approve every payment and electronic funds transfer is used for efficiency and audit purposes. 

In order to undertake any payment P&F requires at a minimum:

Tax Invoice with GST clearly displayed;
Payee Bank Account Name;
Payee Bank Name;
Payee BSB & Bank Account Number:

In addition and this is mandatory - P&F also requires a readable soft copy. This means scanning/taking picture on phone and emailing tax invoice/reimbursement request and sending to Finance Committee contact parent for your event.  For example, Spring Fair invoices must be scanned and emailed to parent operating finances for this event.  The finance contact parent for the event will summarise all income and expenses and deal directly with Treasurer to arrange payments.  The invoice/reimbursement request soft copy must be READABLE by Treasurer and include all details/receipts.  FYI SHM office has scanner so all parents have access to the technology. 

Only after this has been done should original tax invoice/receipts be placed in P&F box near Sacred Heart Mosman office.  At this time Treasurer must be notified via email there is mail to be collected.

P&F takes no responsibility where payments are made in error due to incorrect details provided - eg. wrong bank account number.

There are simply too many invoices/reimbursements for Treasurer to daily clear P&F box, scan invoices etc and arrange timely payments. 

Unfortunately tax invoices/reimbursement payment requests are not able to be processed unless the above process is strictly followed.

P&F Treasurer