The Council of Catholic School Parents (CCSP) aims to provide LEADERSHIP:

  • to assist in the formation of parent bodies at diocesan and local levels
  • to build strong relationships with our partners in Church and schools
  • to provide development opportunities for parent leadership
  • to be a peak voice for parents in Catholic schools in NSW/ACT

The CCSP aims to provide ADVOCACY:

  • to shape public policy in education to be inclusive
  • to understand emerging issues and communicate to constituents
  • to coordinate electoral strategy and campaigns at state level
  • to promote the role of families and parent engagement with government and others.

The CCSP aims to provide SUPPORT:

  • to provide effective communication and participation through websites, newsletters, emails and conferences
  • to promote strong links between families, schools and Church
  • to develop a range of resources for online, hard copy, soft copy and presentation uses

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