SCECS Mosman

Outside Hours School Care is provided each morning & afternoon and vacation care by SCECS based at the school hall.  This is a popular program and enjoys great support from our parents. Children benefit greatly from taking the opportunity to play and socialise with children from across all the grades at school.

You need to enrol with SCECS even if you were a regular user of the previous service prior to 2019. The following link gives instructions on how to enrol with SCECS. Please find a link to the SCECS Mosman website in order to start the enrolment process for your child.  
Helpline: 02 9568 8628 
SMS Casual Booking to the Coordinator, Liam at 0436 646 753
Due to the strict regulations that govern our sector, they are unable to accept any child without the enrolment process completed. If children come to the OSHC service without having provided the enrolment information, SCECS will have to send them to the school office to arrange collection.