There is a strong emphasis on outreach and social justice at Sacred Heart School.  Over recent years we have developed a close relationship with our sister school, Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Waterloo. Staff and students from both schools have engaged in a 'Leadership for Reconciliation' journey to Central Australia to increase awareness of traditional aboriginal culture and build leadership skills in our children. Harsh economic realities no longer make this project sustainable and in 2016 both schools are looking for creative ways to strengthen our special relationship. The concept of the sister school relationship was originally developed by Susan Clifton who spent time as principal of both schools during her career.  Shortly before her retirement, Susan spoke about the special relationship to staffs of both schools.

“The Sister School relationship was not planned or intentional, it just evolved.  Before I leave Waterloo we thought that it would be good to share the story so far.  To see how things have developed and to talk later about where the relationship might go in the future.  I guess we want to make sure that if we are all committed to it and see the benefits for the two communities that it won’t matter who is in the Principal’s chair or who is on staff – that there is total ownership and that many people are driving its growth and development and staying true to the vision and the underpinning philosophy” (Susan Clifton November 2008)

Both John Farrell, Principal of OLMC, and Vince Campbell, Principal of Sacred Heart, are inspired by Susan’s vision and are committed to maintaining and strengthening this special relationship between these two fine schools and taking it new levels.