At Sacred Heart we recognise that our parents are the first educators of their children in faith and that we as educators work in partnership with our parents to bring the Primary Religious Education curriculum to all of our students. Through the curriculum and other faith experiences we hope that we will enable our students to see and respond to God in their lives.

At Sacred Heart we use the  'storytelling approach' of Godly Play, a wonderful method of teaching the scriptures, enabling the children to watch, listen and interact with the stories. Godly Play nurtures the natural capacity that young children have for curiosity and imagination as the children engage in scripture in a real way and are then invited to “wonder," enabling them to reflect prayerfully and meditatively upon the meaning of these beautiful scripture stories.

At Sacred Heart, children are invited to:

  • reflect on Sacred Scripture.
  • talk with God through prayer.
  • meditate.
  • participate in beautiful masses and liturgies.
  • explore the meaning of the symbols and rituals of our faith.
  • respond to gifts and blessings in their lives through the practice of Gratitude journaling.

Above all other things, this is the time when our children come to know how much God loves them, and when they are drawn into a love of God and others.

During 2019 teachers at Sacred Heart will be which will be collaboratively working with the Religious Education Coordinator to integrate key principles of Positive Psychology and Positive Education, including Character Strengths, Gratitude and Forgiveness, within all classroom Religious Education programs.

At Sacred Heart we believe that our school is a place where our children’s faith is nurtured and the scriptures are taught in a meaningful way, we hope that the message of Jesus becomes a part of each child as they grow and develop in their faith, so that this message will continue to be a part of their lives as they face the challenges of the world of the future.