Learning and teaching is our core work at Sacred Heart. Our philosophy and approach to learning and teaching is embedded in our Mission:

  • Teaching and living as a Catholic Eucharistic Community with the person and message of Jesus Christ at our heart.
  • Teaching and living the values of our school motto, Faith, Generosity and Courage.
  • Providing a high quality, challenging and holistic education that will inspire life-long learning.
  • Nurturing and empowering children to build resilience and to use their talents to contribute positively in a changing world.
  • In aspiring to our mission we endeavour to help our children achieve the highest possible academic outcomes, whilst providing the support and care that each child needs to excel and be equipped for life. 

Our focus is that children will be motivated by a dynamic learning environment, developing as engaged, focused and independent learners. We believe that the schooling experience at Sacred Heart should provide our children with many rich experiences, challenges and opportunities within a safe, supportive and caring environment. The staff at Sacred Heart are a team of united, innovative professionals who want the very best for our children. 

The education of children is enriched by inspired and motivated staff with a strong focus on Professional Development/ Learning and Action Research. The strong educational focus at Sacred Heart is partnered with a genuine and unconditional love and care for each child. We see each child as a unique and valued individual and believe that caring for our children is a demonstration of God’s love. Through nurturing our children in an atmosphere of love and care we encourage our children to live lives where they care for and serve each other and reach out ‘with a hand that cares’ to the wider local, national and global communities.  

A very practical expression of this is our Year 6 Leadership Program where each child in their final year at Sacred Heart is a member of a significant School Leadership Team, demonstrating that leadership is not just a privileged position to be enjoyed by a few but rather an opportunity for all to engage in the service of others.