Sacred Heart is a Catholic primary school that, in partnership with the parish of Sacred Heart Mosman, works to provide quality Catholic education through effective teaching and learning experiences that will enable our children to engage successfully in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing twenty-first century environment.

As Principal I feel privileged to be part of the Sacred Heart ‘story’, a rich tradition that has been unfolding for over 100 years now.  I am aware that, in this privileged position, I am, in a very real sense, ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, those great heroes of Catholic education, both religious and lay, who have gone before me and who have lived out our motto of ‘Faith, Generosity, Courage’ with such great distinctionin their service to the community.  I love the fact that, at the centre of our playground, our school logo stands out boldly, reminding us that we are challenged to complete the work of Jesus with hands that ‘reach up in prayer and out in care.’

Here at Sacred Heart we work hand in hand with our Parish Priest, Fr Phil, and with Fr Joseph, Fr Daney, Emeritus Monsignor Eugene, Sacramental Coordinator, Thomas, Parish Secretary Theresa and Parish/School Liaison person, Mary, to give our children the message that each one of them is a unique and very special person, loved by their parents, their teachers and most importantly by their God.

Sacred Heart has a committed staff who continually endeavour to achieve educational excellence by employing pedagogies that reflect the needs of the children and the world in which they live.

We work in partnership with Sydney Catholic Schools and this enables us to be supported by system wide policies as well as ensuring that we are part of an inclusive community based on the life of Jesus Christ. During 2015 Sacred Heart responded to the the challenges outlined in the 'Archbishop's Charter' and created a series of canvases that now enhance the main entrance to the school.   

Julie Caldwell